How It Works


Start by searching for your corporation to the right.


Pay with your credit card and we'll route your order to the respective property management company.


They will process your order according to the 10 day window or the expedited delivery timeline (if applicable). Once they complete the order, you will receive an email notifying you to download. Now you can save the PDF copy, or share with related parties.

Status Certificates Made Easy

Easy to Start

With about 50% of all Ontario units already on Conduit, just search for your unit, pay with your credit card and receive an email once the property manager has it completed.

No More Guessing

Stop guess who and where the management company is. Just search here and if that condo is in our system, complete the order online in minutes.

No More Driving

Search, pay and download online. Why would you drive anywhere to order a document in today’s world? Buyers/Sellers, Realtors and lawyers have never been happier.

Easy to Share

Give electronic access to all related parties within Conduit. or just forward the pdf document(s) from your own email. No more making copies, driving around and lugging paper!